Flat Palm Hat with Fringes


This intriguing design is more than just a table lamp.  It's a breathtaking statue that features a girl in traditional Northern Vietnam Dress (Áo Tứ Thân).

The hidden light fixture from her Nón Quai-Thao (traditional Northern Vietnam Hat) adds to the illumination of this stunning piece.

Sure to be a truly impressive perspective of your unique decor.

Comes in 2 types of lustrous finishing: bronze or ivory.

Takes one 40 to 60 watt bulb (not included).


                     Nón Quai Thao

                     Chất liệu: Composite

                     Kích Thước(cm): 77 x 65 x 58

                     Điện thế: 110V - 240V / 40 W

                     Available in Ivory and Bronze

                     Material: Composite

                     Dimensions: 30" x 26" x 23"

                     Voltage: 110V - 240V / 40W

                     Please contact us for special price.